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How to prevent leakage of the valve?
First understand how to deal with the valve leakage, first of all to understand why there will be leaking, leakage, is the so-called know the reason and know why. The valve must be airtight and must have a good seal. If there is a problem with the seal, there will be a leak phenomenon.
Valve as a control unit in the fluid delivery system, with cut-off, regulation, diversion, to prevent the flow, regulation, shunt or overflow pressure and other functions, is an indispensable control of industrial and mining components, and once the valve failure, Occurrence of leakage incidents, not only will affect the stable operation of industrial and mining equipment, what is more likely to harm the environment, to the community caused immeasurable economic and social losses. Must learn to identify and prevent common valve leakage failure, in general, the valve's common leakage failure, including two, that is, stuffing leaks and closure leaks. The stuffing leak is the main aspect of running, running, dropping, and leaking, and is often seen in the factory.
On the valve leakage of preventive measures.
1. All valves must be subjected to different levels of water pressure after entering the plant.
2. All valves must be fitted with the appropriate level of the gasket before installation.
3. In the process of repair must be carefully checked whether the addition of packing, packing gland is tightened.
4. The valve must be checked before the installation of the valve whether there are dust, sand, iron oxide and other debris. If the above debris must be cleaned before installation.
5. It is necessary to disassemble the valve must be grinding.
6. In the valve installation process, all the valves must be installed according to the system, the pressure properly installed, strictly prohibited, mixed. For this purpose, all valves must be numbered and installed before they are installed.
7. When installing the flange door must fasten the fastener, tighten the flange bolts must be symmetrical direction in turn fastening.
Common these failures we can take effective measures to guard against, but more important is to use high-quality high standard products, so you can save more time and energy mining.

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