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Time: 2016-02-22
Summary: All staff of valve factory THT coming back to office or workshop after Chinese New Year's holiday.

Chinese traditional New Years Day is the most importance festive in heart of Chinese people. It not only brings the longest holiday, but the most important time to stay together with their most important and loved person, that why brings the world biggest population transference.

Its the end of last year and beginning of the new year. People give it the extraordinary significance.  

The new year is Monkey Year. Money always be thought clever, energetic, lively. Since 15th Feb, 2016 THT factory start her first Monkey Year working week!

Its a brand new atmosphere and hope after a long holiday!

Everybody in the office have switch him/herself into working status from holiday, they starting a new journey on supply inquiry, service, technical solutions to her dear friendly customers!

The workshop people already start to produce although some workers whose hometown is too far to our factory are still on the way!

Believe, every Chinese people have take the symbol- monkey in mind and go to their working position with a brand new,  passionate hope for a larger target of the year!       

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