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The working principle of the regulating valve

Time: 2017-07-21

The regulating valve is one of our products, now I want to introduce the regulating valve.

The working principle of the regulating valve

The regulating valve is composed of two parts, the actuating mechanism (pneumatic diaphragm or cylinder) and valve body. The actuator is driving device, which according to the signal pressure produces the thrust to make the push rod corresponding displacement, thereby driving the valve spool or the valve plate to move ; the valve body  is the regulating part of the valve, in its direct contact with the media, the throttle valve area is changed by the valve spool or the valve plate movement to achieve regulation. The actuator is based on the force balance principle, and the control valve is based on the principle of fluid throttling.

Precautions of the regulating valve

1.The valve needs to do the system checking before operation.

2.When the valve is in operation,  the shut-off valve should be fully open,and  the bypass valve (side line valve) should be closed. other valves in the whole pipeline system should be opened as large as possible, and  usually the regulating valve should be work in the range of 20% - 80%.

3. The regulating valve with hand wheel should pay attention to the hand wheel position indicator mark.

4. The regulating valve is strictly prohibited to adjust the position of the valve stem and the compression spring during the operation.


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