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Environmental protection storm, supporting enterprises of plumbing valve industry closed down

Time: 2017-09-13

With the strict control of environmental protection, electroplating, copper, plastic, cardboard, turn the handle supporting enterprises shut down. And joint processing enterprises due to the lack of raw materials and supporting the processing of raw materials also affect  the production and delivery of  the processing enterprises. In the "golden " sales season,  the remaining enterprises with the capacity of producing  will become the biggest winner. 

Because of the industrial chain and the environmental crisis, some small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises have been shut down, and affect the production and delivery of large manufacturers, especially  other supporting enterprises of  the which have been shut down. So many companies because there is no matching of raw materials can not  go on production.

For the enterprises with both size and development , because of small and medium enterprises shut down for rectification, king era is coming. Due to product quality, management, capital and other advantages of  the large enterprise, in the future development process,these large enterprises  become a "winner".

In the past,  the competition came from low quality and low price and gaining the market competitive advantage.But the reform will come into being with the strict control of the environment and the reform of the supply side. These  products with high performance will become the mainstream of competition. And good products , new technology,  selling points, cost-effective, are the mainstream of future development.

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