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CNPC and Indonesian oil signed an agreement in oil area

Time: 2017-09-18
Recently, Wang Yilin, chairman of the CNPC to Italy, visited Italy's largest oil and gas producer Eni oil, this trip also brought great oil in the harvest.
In Wednesday, at the headquarters of Eni Oil in Rome, Wang Yilin and Eni oil CEO Claudio Descalzi officially signed a cooperation agreement.
It is reported that the two sides will cooperate in oil and gas exploration and production, natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas) value chain, trade and logistics, oil refining and petrochemical cooperation. The scope of this cooperation includes both China and overseas areas outside of China.
Eni said the two companies, not only enhanced the two companies have the project cooperation, but also for the future of new energy cooperation provides a great opportunity.
Italy Eni Oil is the world's leading oil and gas producers, among the world's leading oil and gas producers ranked 12th, the scale of revenue and China's third largest oil and gas producer CNOOC considerable.
PetroChina this time with Eni oil strong alliance, fully revealed the oil is speeding the internationalization of the road. And in the oil industry status, but also quietly changing.

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