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The common fault and elimination method of overflow valve

Time: 2018-01-09

1. The fluctuation of system pressure
   Reason: hydraulic pressure oil is not clean,  and the screw is not tight, and the valve core movement is not smooth.
    The elimination method: Clean the oil tank regularly, and fasten the screw.
2. No system pressure
    Reason: The orifice of valve core is blocked , and the quality of valve assembly is poor, and the spring is damaged , and the valve core cannot reset.
  The elimination method: Clean the orifice, and replace the spring
 3. The system pressure cannot  rise
  Reason: The valve core wear down , and has leakage
 The elimination method: Replace the valve core
4. The pressure is rise or drop suddenly
    Reason: The movement of valve core is not semsitive , and the valve orifice is blocked
    The elimination method: Clean  the valve body and orifice.

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