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Celebrating the festival of the labor day was successfully completed

Time: 2018-05-04

In order to enrich recreational activities of the employees of the company, strengthen the health consciousness of the staff and workers, create a team spirit of solidarity and harmony and harmonious development, and show the spirit and the spirit of the company, the labor day of the May 1st day is coming, and 12 employees of our union joined the activities of having a trip to Fujian and visiting our branch company in Fujian.

Our branch company

Group photo of the staff of the general company and the branch company

During the visiting our branch company in Fujian, we took part in some collective activities. We climbed Wu yue mountain, which is very famous in Fujian. Everyone enjoyed the scenery along the way, warmly chatting, laughing and talking constantly. In the process of mountaineering, we encouraged each other and helped each other and reached the summit smoothly. In the mountaineering, the colleagues showed solidarity, positive and stubborn spirit, showing the spirit of the workers of Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve Co., ltd. The activities also made us feel the unique charm of outdoor sports and appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature. After reaching the summit, all the staff members took pictures to commemorate the event.

Through such new forms of activities, it not only makes everyone's body and mind buffered and rest in the busy work, but also improves the friendship between everyone, further strengthens the cohesiveness of the staff and workers, and makes the company's enterprise culture construction to a new step.

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