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The installation of the large blast gate on the site

Time: 2018-06-08

This morning, our installation technology instructor go to the scene to instruct the installation of the large blast gate.

The blast gate with dn2600*2840 is sent to the site by the big truck after it is completed by our factory. And our technician also goes to the site to instruct the installation of the blast gate.

The blast gate  installation steps:

1. the valve cavity and sealing surface must be inspected before installation. No dirt or sand adhesion is allowed.

2. each connecting part bolt requires uniform tightening.

3. check the packing position to tighten, ensure the packing's tightness, and ensure the opening of the panel is flexible.

4. before installing the valve, the user must calibrate the valve type, connect the dimensions and pay attention to the flow direction of the medium, so as to ensure consistency with the valve requirements.

5. users must set aside the necessary space for valve actuation when installing valves.

6. the wiring of the driving device must be carried out according to the line diagram.

7. plug-in valve must be regularly maintained, not allowed to impact and extrusion at random, so as not to affect sealing.

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