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Pressure test for various valves can be carried on here!

Time: 2018-10-19
Recently, we have overhauled the equipment.Pressure equipment is related to quality inspection of Jin Bin valve products. Jinbin Valve completed the overhaul of the equipment.

Previous pressure test equipment

Current pressure test equipment

Our pressure test equipment can be carried on the pressure test for the valve with different specifications, from DN15 to DN2600 (the maximum diameter of the main commissioning table is DN1800), and the large-diameter valve is tested by blind plate.

Large diameter valve pressure test

DN2600 PN10 butterfly valve pressure test

DN2000 PN10 gate valve pressure test

Large-diameter valves are tested with blind plates, and we will use the corresponding blind plates for pressure testing according to the diameter of the valve.

Smaller diameter valve pressure

We have special hydraulic test benchs for hydraulic shell test and sealing test on smaller diameter valves.

Each valve needs to have shell pressure test and sealing pressure test for before leaving the factory. In order to ensure the quality of the valve, the company's inspection personnel strictly abide by the operational regulations of various safety and quality assurance management systems, and strictly implement the inspection measures at each link. Jinbin Valve always strictly controls the quality to provide customers with better quality products.

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