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Heavy Hammer Plug-in Valve sluice damper

Group Sluice gate / Penstock
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Update Time 2019-03-01
Item specifics
Standard or NonstandardNon-standard
PressureLow Pressure
PowerManual, electric and pneumatic
MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel
Temperature of Media<425 degree
MediaGas, dust etc.
Port Size200X200-3000X3000mm

Heavy Hammer Plug-in Valve sluice damper

Slide damper gate valve

Technical Description of Heavy Hammer Plug Valve

1. Valve control way: field control, remote control

2. Valves are cut off in emergency and automatically opened by heavy hammer (counterweight)

3. Valve control mode: Windlass

4. Working time: 10-20s

5. Valve seal form: gas seal, high pressure (0.1Mpa) gas is injected from the outer end to form an airtight passage between the valve plate and the door frame, and sealing is achieved. Fans are provided by the demander.Gas flow basis: the clearance between the valve plate and both sides of the valve body is 2 mm, and then multiplied by the length of the required seal, thus the air outlet area is calculated. Air outlet area: specification 2400*3300 (0.036), specification 3200*4260 (0.04688), specification2600*2840 (0.03312). Because we need to maintain the pressure of 0.1 MPa, we need fan parameters: flow 120-180 m/h. Pressure 0.11 MPa

6. Anti-corrosion measures: Our company uses high-temperature anti-corrosion paint for painting.

7. Drainage measures: Drainage from the original chimney drainage wells, no additional drainage devices

Slide damper gate valve

Norminal Pressure0.05 Mpa0.1 Mpa0.05 Mpa0.25 Mpa
Sealing Test Pressure0.055 Mpa0.11 Mpa0.165 Mpa0.275 Mpa
Shell Test Pressure0.075 Mpa0.15 Mpa0.225 Mpa0.375 Mpa
Oil Test4-6 Mpa
Sealing MaterialsNBRSilicon RubberVITONMetal seat
Suitable Temperature-20 - 100°C-20 - 200°C-200 - 300°C-20 - 450°C
Suitable MediaAir, coal gas, dusty gas etc.

Note: It can be desinged as customer's requirment. Please contact for the specificed drawing and dimension.

Slide damper gate valve